Four Hours of E-A-T | Utilizing Schema to Enhance E-A-T

by    SEO   Friday, April 24th, 2020

Jono Alderson will give you the keys to bringing Google around to your point of view by providing information in formats it can easily digest and understand: clear copywriting, well-structured content… and Schema markup.
You have the content, you have the relationships, and you have credibility… this webinar will show you how to ‘big yourself up’ to Google by effectively presenting your amazing Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust.

0:02 Introductions
3:28 Wikipedia’s Website Structure and E-A-T
7:36 Using Structured Data to Show E-A-T
9:28 What is Schema Markup?
15:28 Zero-Click Search Results and The Future of Search
18:31 Schema Markup Best Practices
30:40 Schema Properties Are Underused for E-A-T
34:15 Have a System for Adding Schema
37:54 Should You Have A Personal Website to Convey E-A-T?
41:15 Proving the Value of Schema to Clients
43:37 The Benefits of other Types of Structured Data
46:20 Google’s Potential Future Structured Data Uses
48:20 Author Schema on Local Business Websites
49:39 Proving Your E-A-T Also Proves Google’s E-A-T
54:30 Do You Need Schema Markup on Every Web Page

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