GA4GH seventh Plenary: GA4GH Updates – Session 2 (October 22)

by    SEO   Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

Learn about the GA4GH technical standards and policy frameworks that are available to support genomic and health data sharing.

0:00:24 – Cloud Work Stream Overview (David Glazer, Verily)
0:03:13 – Tool Registry Service API (Denis Yuen, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research)
0:06:56 – Workflow Execution Service API (Brian O’Connor, University of California, Santa Cruz)
0:12:05 – Data Repository Service API (Brian O’Connor, University of California, Santa Cruz)
0:19:45 – Cloud Work Stream Future (David Glazer, Verily)
0:22:06 – Q&A w/David Glazer, Denis Yuen, and Brian O’Connor
0:33:27 – Data Use & Researcher Identities (Tommi Nyronen, CSC-IT Center for Science)
0:33:10 – Data Use Ontology (Melanie Courtot, EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute)
0:40:40 – DUOS Implementation (Jonathan Lawson, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)
0:42:52 – GA4GH Passports (Craig Voisin, Google)
0:48:19 – GA4GH Passports – Ethics & Policy (Stephanie Dyke, McGill University)
0:50:47 – Authentication & Authorization Infrastructure (David Bernick, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)
0:52:23 – Q&A w/Tommi Nyronen, Melanie Courtot, Jonathan Lawson, Craig Voisin, Stephanie Dyke, and David Bernick
1:03:18 – Variation Representation (Reece Hart, Reece Hart Consulting)
1:10:52 – Phenopackets (Melissa Haendel, Monarch Initiative)
1:18:51 – Beacon API (Jordi Rambla – Fundacio Centre de Regulacio Genomica)
1:26:50 – Q&A w/ Reece Hart, Melissa Haendel, and Jordi Rambla
1:30:58 – Data Security Infrastructure Policy (Jean-Pierre Hubaux, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – EPFL)
1:38:06 – Regulatory & Ethics Policy Framework (Bartha Knoppers – McGill University)
1:42:55 – GA4GH Copyright & IP Policy (Raymond Krasinski, Philips; Jorge Contreras, University of Utah)
1:47:51 – Q&A with Jean-Pierre Hubaux, Bartha Knoppers, Raymond Krasinski, and Jorge Contreras)