Get Net Visitors And Enhance Click on Via Charge (CTR)

by    SEO   Thursday, May 28th, 2020

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Increase Click Through Rate (CTR) with these SEO tactics to get web traffic.

This works for:

Web content
Email subject lines

What is a good CTR to aim for?

AdWords: above 2%
FB ads: above 1%
Email: above 20%
1st position on Google:
30% desktop
23% mobile

But despite what Google says…

“Wordstream found through research that increasing click through rates led to higher organic rankings. If you want to move one spot, for instance, you need to increase your organic click through rates by 3%.”

Steps you can take to increase your CTR:

Know your audience:
Problem, desire, what and why
Use Amazon reviews to uncover:
Emotional drivers

Do keyword research:
Long tail keywords
Google Planner
Google trends
Beware of negative keywords
These go against your goals
Answer the user intent / search intent

Create a sense of urgency:
Special discount
Limited availability

Make your title stand out:
Use special characters
Quotation marks work well
Use emojis
45% of consumers prefer brands that don’t take themselves too seriously

Put main keywords in the display title:
Adwords lets you do this
Facebook Ads does too
And WordPress lets you change the ‘slug’

Capitalize the first letter of each word in headline
Create split tests in Google Optimize
Make a swipe file

If you take all these steps, you will increase your Click Through Rate quickly.

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