Google Adverts: How To Get First Advert Place In Google Search With The Lowest CPC!

by    SEO   Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Google Ads: How To Get No.1 Ad Position With The Lowest CPC!


If you are running a campaign on Google AdWords, then Quality Score and Ad Rank are important in maximising the performance of your Google AdWords campaign.

In this blog post & video, I’m going to de-mystify some key factors on how Google ranks the ads, calculates your CPC and how you can get higher Ad Rank by paying the least Cost-Per-Click (CPC)!!

There are 3 major metrics you need to understand first.

Quality Score
Ad Rank
Let’s define each metric first.

What Is A Quality Score?

As per Google AdWords Help Centre, Quality Score is defined as “an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages.”

Quality Score is Google’s rating of the overall user experience that your landing page/s and ad/s gives when users search for your keyword or keyphrase.

The higher the Quality Score, the cheaper the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and higher Ad Rank you will get.

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Video Transcript

Hello. Would you like to pay the lowest cost per click for your Google AdWords ads and get the highest ad position. Keep watching and I’ll show you how.

Hello I’m Uzair. And in this short video, I’m going to show, you how you can increase your quality school pay less for your cost per click and increase your ad rank all at the same time. Now most people or most advertisers think that bidding more aggressively or throwing more money at Google will get them ranked higher in the ads. But that is not the case. Well, Google will gladly take your money but you will not get the highest rank position. And even if you do get the highest ad rank, you’ll be paying so much that your budget is going to get depleted very very quickly everyday and your competitors’ ads will show longer than yours because your budget will keep on running out. So what’s the formula of running your ads all day long, not depleting your budget, paying less for your cost per click.

And getting ranked higher in the ad bidding option. So first you need to understand. Quality Score of your keywords. Most people don’t know what Quality Score is and don’t pay too much attention to it. Well it is one of the most important factors in Google AdWords and you’ve got to pay very very close attention to the Quality score so that you can get the maximum benefits out from out of Google and from AdWords. First I’m going to show you where you can find your Quality Score of your keywords in your Google AdWords dashboard. So here I am in my dashboard and you can see the column for Quality Score is over here. But if you can’t see this column in your dashboard then what you need to do is to go to the modify columns. And then Attributes and you will see that yours is not checked. And so you need to check it.

And you can then say it as a custom column set and I usually save my columns so that I don’t have to keep on going in here and checking all the columns which I need for my AdWords account. I’m going to cancel that. Let’s go back to our presentation. OK. We’re back in here. So let me explain a little bit more about the Quality Score.

Each keyword has got a Quality Score between 1 and 10 – 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, you want to be as high as possible. But it doesn’t happen straight away. It gradually improves and quality score is mainly dependent on three things, the relevancy of your keywords, the ads and also the landing page experience. So between these three factors Google then calculates the quality score of that keywords. If you are let’s say advertising for green apples you need to make sure that your ad has got green apples on it and runs them to clicks on your ad and goes to your landing page. You are selling green apples and not red apples. And that’s what Google wants to be certain about is that the keyword, ad and the landing page are all relevant to each other.

So Google gives a benchmark of quality score of 5. So you want to be starting at least at five and anything lower than that you need to pay a little bit more attention as to how the ad has been written and whether that the quality keyword is relevant to the landing page or not. So anything lower than that you need to start working on it. But, here’s the big problem, if your Quality Score is down below over here between 1 and 4 then you are going to pay a lot more than you should be and if you are up there…