Google Analytics Increase with these Easy Visitors Hacks

by    SEO   Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Google Analytics Boost with this Simple Traffic Hack that will get Your Blog Recognised by All Major Search Engines

Blogging is an Art not a contest and it favours precision, timing and planning. Many bloggers struggle with the whole “Google Ranking” thing, because it’s more than just keyword placement and great content. But people are also spending a fortune down a path of disappointment as a result of misdirection. Before you start purchasing web traffic packages, please read this full article and understand the purpose.

In order to leverage web traffic packages in your favour, you first need to create your free Google Analytics Account. Because if web traffic packages does not show in your site’s Google Analytics, then you are wasting money on junk. But no, not all web traffic packages are junk. It does however require quite a bit of money and research to find the ones that actually serves their purpose.

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Yes nothing on Earth drives web traffic like SEO which is why it is so competitive. And a numbers game at best where popularity is king. You can boost the popularity (Alexa Rank) through factors like Visitor Stay Duration, Pages Viewed, Geo Location and Referring Sites. New and frequent comments on your blog also proves popularity, but we’re concentrating on the SEO web traffic packages.

You also want to use a free tool like HiStats (Just search your Browser) which provide you with html code to add in your blog side bar or footer widget area. And always remember, if the web traffic packages you buy does not show in both Google Analytics and HiStats. Then you’re sadly busy wasting a lot of money.

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But what do you have to look for in SEO web traffic packages?

Glad you asked, and there are quite a few factors to consider. You need the kind of analytic SEO web traffic packages where you can set the following;

Traffic Speed – Be realistic because no legit blog or website gets 10,00K visitors the one day and Zero the next. Search Engines are not idiots which is why you need to be moderate. Increase the quantity of visitors and page views gradually and therefore realistically.

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Bounce Rate – However minute this factor may seem to warrant consideration, it is in fact quite crucial. Any professional Blog or Website have a Bounce Rate. This is the amount of times a certain visitor will visit no deeper than one page (Usually the Home Page).

Time on Each Page – A realistic setting would be from 1 – 4 minutes on average visitor stay duration. Setting this at 4 minutes for instance may lower the total visitor count, which is why a setting of around 1 minute is rather recommended.

Returning Visitors – No website or blog has a 100% returning visitor count, more realistically would be from 25% – 55%

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From hosting to professional SEO, web traffic packages and Domain Privacy. These are all smaller gears in a much larger machine to make money online with your own blog. Please get to know your way around the settings and optimise your SEO Web Traffic Packages.

This will boost your blog Alexa Rank, and gain some serious momentum with popularity. In turn that will boost your blog ranking capability. You need to be patient with SEO because this is just one of many steps to compete with the Big Boys so to speak.

Keyword research, search phrase placement, quality of SEO Web Traffic and unique content. All part of the Key to actually ranking in All Major Search Engines. The most important tool however is time, because anything worthwhile takes time to mature.

A professional blog will cost you money. And always remember that the competition is spending the necessary in order to lead.

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