Google Hacks to Optimise your Web site for a Increased CTR | Canonical Chronicle

by    SEO   Monday, February 3rd, 2020

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We go deep into the world of click through rate optimisation and look at all of the major areas that you can optimise on your site in order to change the way your site looks in the search results. From the basics like updating your meta data to the lesser know implementations with JSON-LD.

Structured Data Testing Tool:
Valid Structured Markup Types:

0:00 Favicons mean we don’t know what’s an add any more!
1:12 How do we optimise for a higher CTR?
1:50 What affects how your website is shown in the SERPs?
2:33 Optimising Title Tags for maximum clicks
3:20 Title tag best practice for modern meta data
3:40 Meta descriptions – how to write them for more clicks
4:41 Structured Data – using
5:20 Valid types of structured markup
5:50 How to implement schema with JSON-LD
6:35 Don’t use tag manager to inject JSON-LD
6:55 Measure CTR with Google Search Console performance reports


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