Google My Enterprise search engine optimisation – Rating Key phrase Modifiers in LOCAL GMB

by    SEO   Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

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Google tracks data from all searchers and delivers the most relevance content for the user. This includes the Google Places or Google Maps.

When discussing local marketing, we want to rank for all possible variations on keywords that we can. This is because Google shows different results for various keyword modifiers. To rank on google, we need to perform on page optimization on the webpage connected to the GMB to give Google the chance to analyze the webpage and rank us for the different keywords.

Different from common knowledge, Google Maps seo is heavily influenced by the structure of the website connected to the my business GMB and places a big role in ranking on google.

In this free training, I discuss what you can do with website on-page optimization to rank for different keyword search variations on Google and how to rank for as many of these modifiers as possible.

Keep in mind that with small business marketing, these is usually a limited budget to work with and optimizing a GMB or Google My Business listing is one the best uses of a limited budget.