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by    SEO   Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Did you know that the Google Display Network reaches 92% of internet users? So you can reach a huge number of users without worrying about investing a lot of budget into Display Advertising. You can pick and choose your ideal audience.

Display Advertising is best utilised for brand awareness, however remarketing ads can work best for direct response advertising.

Structure your targeting into separate Campaigns to better control who sees your ads. Remember to create as many ad formats as sizes as you can to increase your reach. Don’t forget about mobile devices too.

One of the targeting options you would commonly use is contextual matching through choosing target keywords or choosing a topic area. This is best used with automatic placements initially to allow for maximum reach. You can then narrow down targeting by reviewing the actual websites they were shown on and their performance.

Ongoing optimisation may involve looking at how you compare to your competitors, excluding or adding targeting, trying out new ad creatives and managing bids.

Display advertising and Remarketing are a great way to increase your brand or product’s reach significantly without having to rely on the search network only. It is simple to get started so try it today!

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