Google Tag Supervisor vs Google Analytics vs Google Optimize (Learners Information)

by    SEO   Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Complete beginners guide to Google Tag Manager, Analytics and Optimize. Discover how to quickly leverage these free tools to master digital analytics and optimize your conversions.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Google Suite Introduction
1:02 – Google Tag Manager
1:59 – Google Analytics
2:55- Google Optimize
4:39 – Pro Tip – What To Do First

Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics vs Google Optimize (Beginners Guide)

In this video tutorial you are going to learn the all the basics and differences between Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics vs Google Optimize. Chances are you haven’t heard about the 3rd one, and we’ll get to that later.

As a data-driven marketer, I believe a data-first approach to digital marketing is going to become the standard. Digital analytics are an essential part of informing marketers and decision markers in driving overall business strategy. So what is digital analytics exactly?

In short, digital analytics is the combination of quantitative and qualitative measurements of your social and website data to increase conversions and customer retention. The data tracking of your landing page, sales pages, and shopping cart is designed to help you increase your conversions.

If you have a membership website or mobile app, you’ll want to track customer behavior to improve the user experience. This will help you boost your brand experiences and increase customer retention which ultimately helps your business grow. You’ll need Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics and Google Optimize to be successful.

Analytics aren’t just for geeks like myself anymore which is why this video is so important to the future success of your business. Every business owner needs to understand how these things work and most importantly, why it’s only going to get harder if you don’t adopt these technologies now.

You’ll learn the basics of both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics event tracking, and how you can integrate the two using Tag Manager. Make sure to see the Google Tag Manager playlist link above to learn about all the features of Google Tag Manager, including integration with most website tags directly or through custom code, triggers, and so much more.

So which one: Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics? The answer is both!

If you do not have one yet, you can sign up for your free Google Analytics account and Google Tag Manager account by going to

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