Google+ Video Information (The New Google Plus Social Community)

by    SEO   Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Google+ is the new social network from Google. It has 4 core elements.

The first one is Circles. The idea is that you have lots of ‘mini’ networks where you can share different content to different groups of people. For example, you could share work related things with a colleague’s circle and fun pictures with a friends circle.

By dividing people this way it makes distributing content easier. This provides SEO benefit to marketers who now don’t have to worry about sharing the wrong thing with the wrong audience; they can tailor messaging to different groups of followers. As people can better engage with your content, the more they are likely to become website visitors and converters too.

Hangouts are a video chat service that helps friends and colleagues connect and share content face to face.

Huddles are an instant messaging functionality which competes against many other popular services, such as Facebook and Skype.
Sparks is an interesting feature that allows you to search what people are talking about within your network. It could be useful for finding content to share and engage with.

The +1 button is a way to endorse content. It could have a big SEO benefit as it could be signals that Google looks at when ranking content and webpages.

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