GSA Search Engine Ranker 7 Tier Knowledge pack Overview by Asia Digital Options – GSA SER 7 Tier

by    Backlinks Services   Friday, March 6th, 2015

GSA Search Engine Ranker 7 Tier Data Pack –

The GSA Search Engine Ranker 7 Tier Data comes with a single file which you restore on your GSA Ser to give you a fully set up 7 tier project. Below are the components.

GSA Search Engine Ranker 7 Tier Data –
7 Tiers – fully set up
10 email accounts per tier. 70 email accounts in total per project ( with the option to have up to 500 email accounts per tier )
3 x PDF documents. Each SEO optimized with image links contextual links as well as body links
All GSA Fields are filled – platform selection, Data, Options, Filters, Search engine selections and also the emails
All GSA Fields scheduling for drip feed like posting too avoid spamming penalties and IP burnout
Keyword research done and using long-tails for keyword and anchor text
1 single file to FULLY set up a 7 tier project

What We Do
We scrape content ( articles, videos, images ) relevant to your keywords and then fuse it into spinable articles.
We randomly generate between 5 – 11 paragraphs.
We randomly insert either a relevant YouTube video or Image into your article, in random positions.
We use the GSA placeholder %url% which allow GSA SER to automatically inject random URLs as specified in your GSA SER project
We use the GSA placeholder %anchor_text% which allow GSA SER to automatically inject.
We randomly insert between 1 -3 contextual links in the articles.(using the place holder : %url% )
We randomly insert 1 content body link. (using the place holder : %url% )
We randomly inset 1 Resource box link.(using the place holder : %url% )
We randomly link all images with your URL (using the place holder : %url% )
We create the “about me” details and include a random link (using the place holder : %url% )
We generate 3 PDF’s to use for Doc sharing sites in GSA – with your random contextual links
We provide 4 email packs – Each pack contain 10 free email accounts ( 50 email accounts per tier with the 2 tier churn & burn pack ) – ready to import into GSA Search Engine Ranker – Standard & 5 Tier data packs will get 4 x 10 email packs. The 7 tier data pack will receive 7 x 10 email packs and the option to upgrade to 20, 50 or 100 emails per tier.
Email accounts spam filters junk email folders correctly set up for you
We research and generate for you long tail keywords – We take your 3 keywords and generate a list of long-tail keywords by scraping from: Google Suggest, Yahoo Search Assist Suggestions, Amazon Suggestions, YouTube Suggestions, Google Product Search, Search Suggestions, Yahoo Shopping Suggestions, Search Suggestions and Android Market Suggestions
Lightning fast, super friendly service

Your Benefits

Save you hours of work
Speed up the process of creating a GSA project
Highly spun data pack allow for greater uniqueness when GSA SER is posting submitting
Relevant content for your project
Extensive list of long tail keywords improve your rankings
Relevant PDF documents for doc sharing directories improve your rankings
Quality email accounts created for with necessary filters to ensure higher percentage of created accounts and acceptance
Save money by not having to buy content or get content spun.
No need to wait days for content to be written, your GSA Search Engine Ranker Data Pack is ready within 72 hours.
Build massive GSA Tiered networks easily and fast.
Excellent value for money