HEAT MAP website positioning | Learn how to enhance income with heatmap?

by    SEO   Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Heatmaps are the data visualization tools designed to help the website owners. They help in understanding how well a specific page is performing. Idea is to make it easy for users to visualize complex data sets, by representing values with color. heatmap plays a major part in SEO analysis of a website.

Heatmaps measure user behaviour on a scale of red to blue. Red means higher level of engagement & Blue is for lower level of engagement. 3 forms of Heatmaps are:
Scroll maps (Track how far readers made it down the page before dropped off. Redder the area, more people read it).
Click maps (Track where users click most often. These could be internal links, navigation bars, CTA buttons etc) &
Hover maps (Track where users move the cursor around. Pick those hot spots where users pause most often).

Now, There are 5 tips that we can use Heatmaps to boost SEO of our website. To know about these in detail, kindly go through the video.
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For the complete list of questions, I request you please watch the complete video.

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