High 10 On Web page search engine optimisation Elements to Enhance Your Web site

by    SEO   Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Top 10 On Page SEO Factors to Boost Your Website

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1. Start Title with Your Keyword:
In on page SEO, most important thing is title tag.Try to put your keyword in the beginning of the title tag.

2. SEO Friendly URLs:
Avoid long and bad URLs,
Make your URL keyword rich and short,

3. Use Modifiers to Your Title Tag:
Using modifiers like “Best”, “Review”, “Guide”, “Top”, & “2016” help to rank for long tail versions of the target keyword.

4. Use Your Title in an h1 Tag:
H1 tag means “headline tag”. It’s a ranking factor. So make sure your title is in an H1 tag.

5. Engage with Multimedia:
Engaging videos, Images, infographics and diagrams can reduce bounce rate.Reducing bounce rate is an important ranking factor.

6. Use Your Keyword in First 100 Words:
Drop Your keyword in first 100 words of your article.

7. Responsive Design:
Responsive design means your site is usable in verious devices like mobile, tab, computer. Now-a-days Google started penalizing
mobile unfriendly sites.

8. Boost Your Site Speed:
Page Speed is one of the major ranking factor. You can boost your site speed compressing images, using CDN, switching to faster hosting.

9. Use LSI Keywords:
LSI keyword means synonyms of the keyword. Use relevancy LSI keywords in your every post.

10. Post Long Content:
Longer content tends to rank significantly higher on Google’s first page. SO Post long articles.

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