How Can I Do search engine optimisation For FREE And Enhance My Rankings [7 Top Secret Tips]

by    SEO   Friday, July 12th, 2019

In This Video How Can I Do SEO For FREE – I am going to show you 7 tips that you can do to help your blog or website rank higher in the google search engines.

Here is a link to the blog that I refer to in the video:

Tip #1
Proper Keyword Research
Many people write blogs and build websites but one thing they fail to do is proper keyword research. Let me mention this to you from the top. If you fail to do proper keyword research, then all the other tips that I mention to you are not going to be effective.

The main secret of getting your blog or website to rank high in the google search engines is to do proper keyword research.

Tip #2
Keyword in Blog Title
After you do your keyword research, the next thing that you want to do is put that keyword in your blog title.

If I am going to optimize my website for the keyword “SEO marketing” then I want to put the words “SEO marketing” somewhere in my blog title.

Example: I can title my blog “The Best Kept Secrets of SEO Marketing”

Now here is a side note when it comes to giving your blog a title.

You want to make your title stand out. Words that stand out to the reader are:

Get – Get your Free eBook today
Secrets – Top Secrets Of Learning SEO
Tips – The Best Tips For Any Web Designer
Free – Free Online Marketing Ideas
7 Steps – 7 Steps To Increase Your Google Ranking
Questions – What Is The Best Way To Learn SEO
How To’s – How To Outrank Your Competition In The Search Engines
If you notice I capitalized every word. Why, because this makes your headline stand out from the rest.

Tip #3
Put Your Keyword in Meta Title
The next step is to put your Keyword in your Meta Title. Now if you are not sure what a meta title is I will explain it to you.

The Meta Title is the part that shows up in the google search engine when your listing comes up for a keyword. This is the most popular read part of a google listing.

Just like your blog title needs to be attractive even more so your Meta Title because this is what will determine if people click on your listing when they see it in the google search.

The same rule applies here. You want to capitalize every word in your Meta Title to make it stand out from the rest. You also want to make sure that you put your keyword in your Meta Title.

The Title Tag that I used for this blog is: 7 Tips To Boost Your SEO Competition Ranking In Google

So when my blog listing shows up in the google search this will be the first line that people see.

Now to make this process easier you should get what is called an SEO plugin. There are many free SEO plugins out there, so you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

I personally use SEOPress – it is FREE and it makes creating your Meta Title so much easier

I am an affiliate and get a small commission if you upgrade to the pro version using my link:

Tip #4
Put Your Keyword In Your Meta Description
The next thing you want to do is put your keyword in your Meta Description.

The Meta Description is the part that shows up in google right under your Meta Title.

This is just as important as your Meta Title because this can also determine whether those that see your listing will click on it or ignore it.

You also want to capitalize all the words in your Meta Description to make it stand out from the rest of the google listings.

You can also use your SEO plug in to make your Meta Description.

Here is the Meta Description that I wrote for this blog that you are reading:

“Learn 7 Tips That Will Boost Your SEO Competition Ranking In The Google Search Engine That You Can Do For FREE And Get Free Access To Our SEO Class With Step By Step Videos “

Tip #5
5 Add At Least One Internal Link
What is an internal link? An internal link is when you link to another blog in your website. Now you need at least two blogs to be able to do this.

All you have to do is write 2 blogs and then refer to the other blog within your curret content.

Example: On this website I have a blog age that talks about having an SEO checklist.

So what I can do in order to link to that page is I can say to get the full list of what you need to optimize your website for SEO check out my blog on having an SEO checklist.

Then what I do is put the hyperlink to the other blog in the words SEO Checklist.

That is called internal linking and it is very powerful for helping you to rank higher in the google search engines.

You can read the rest of the tips at my blog:

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