How Degree Up Quick in CSGO 2020 – Overwatch Bot

by    SEO   Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

how to have overwatch on csgo:
more than 150 wins in competitive mode;
at least Gold Nova 1 rank;
350 hours of play;
there cannot be many bans and complaints;

Video guide: how to set up and use csgo overwatch bot. how to level up fast in csgo 2020. The fastest way to rank up in CS:GO, automatic rank boost csgo (csgo level up bot).
Download Node.JS:
Download Overwatch Bot:
Steam Web API Key:
Set up and using:
1. Download CSGO-Overwatch-Bot
2. Download and Install Node.js
3. Unpack zip archive
4. Open Command Prompt, enter: “cd C:…..CSGO-Overwatch-Bot-master” or open PowerShell (SHIFT + Right Click)
5. Enter “npm install” or “npm i”
6. Rename “config.json.example” to “config.json”
7. Configure script (config.json): enter login, password, shared_secret (optional), and Steam Web API Key.
8. Run script: enter in Command Prompt “node index.js”
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