How Did Wego Enhance its Cell Conversion by 95% (AMP Case Research)

by    SEO   Monday, December 7th, 2020

How Did Wego Improve its Mobile Conversion by 95% is one of the largest travel brands in the Middle East and Asia Pacific, with headquarters in Dubai and Singapore.

They cater to the markets where the mobile network is usually unstable and slow.

The major challenge for WEGO was low Website speed especially on mobile.

It was hard for their customers to search and book flights, hotels etc due to the slow mobile website.

Wego used a Combination of two technologies primarily AMP AKA Accelerated Mobile Pages and PWA AKA Progressive Web APP to get the desired results.

Important SEO Landing Pages were built using AMP technology For Eg Page like Cheap Flight to Dubai, Cheap Flights to Hong Kong etc we created in AMP.

For improving user experience and engagement Wego Team also Utilized Progressive Web App Technology

After Implementing AMP, the Brand benefitted in primarily three ways

Conversion rate to partner sites increased by 95 % and
Search to conversion rate increased by 49% and
Page Load time on mobile web improved drastically from 11 seconds to less than 1 second

But What is AMP ?

In Simple Words the AMP technology lets you create mobile optimized, faster versions of your website to improve user experience especially on mobile devices.

AMP pages are prioritized by Google in Search Results since they are optimized for Speed which is an important running factor.

According to the AMP official website Ecommerce brands, News Portals, and even nonprofits have benefited by implementing AMP.

After implementing AMP correctly, you can see considerable improvement in pages per session, session duration, time on site.

Additionally AMP also helps to boost your CTR in Google and lower bounce rate.

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