How Do Backlinks Work To Enhance Your website positioning Google Rankings – Defined!

by    SEO   Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

Learn how backlinks work to help with your SEO and Google ranking efforts. In this video we give examples of backlinks and how we use them to rank our client websites at Big West Marketing. Call 406-493-1881 or check out:

Hey, everyone, this is Joe Burnich with What I want to show you today is what exactly SEO backlinks are and how they work. Let’s get started with that right now.

Okay, so we’re on Google here. Now, let’s just do a search. I’m just going to use my hometown, Missoula. Missoula, Montana is where I’m located here. So let’s go to the official Missoula website, see what they’ve got going on here. Okay, so I’m on just an authority website, a website that Google really likes. It’s a city website. Let’s see. Let’s go over to this article about COVID stuff here. Let’s jump on there. So you see this little mini article about COVID. Now, if you notice right here, they’ve got a link. This little word here will link over to a different website. It’s a COVID specific website. So let’s click on that. So that’s a backlink over to this website.

And then let’s say we’re in here, and we go down to the food security section. I don’t even know what this stuff is. I’m just using it as an example. And they’ve got a link right here. You see how the words here, they turn to blue, and you can click on those words and it jumps you over to the Missoula Food Bank. So now we’ve got a backlink going from the COVID website in Missoula over to the Missoula Food Bank.

And these are what backlinks are. They’re very simple. It’s a very simple thing. And then you see these other backlinks on this website. When the internet was created, they created all these different ways for websites to link to each other. And Google actually uses those links or backlinks, whatever you want to call them, to decide if a website is valuable to searchers or not. So what you want to do is you want to have your website looking all pretty, and having all kinds of good information, and structured the way Google likes it, all that good stuff. But then you want to have other authority websites, or other websites that Google likes, you want to have backlinks on those websites that come over to your website. That’s what’s really going to put turbo boosters on your SEO.

But before we go too far, before, we’re just like, “Oh, I want to start getting lots of links,” I want to show you how this whole backlink game works. So here’s my little drawing program I’ve got set up here. Let me grab the paint brush here. So imagine that this, that we’ve got like a mountain here, and this mountain is the Google search page. And you want to climb this mountain all the way to the top, like this, and then let’s level out. That’s the top of Google. That’s the top of the mountain there. But then, picture that on the other side there, there’s just a sharp cliff, just a drop off. And so then you’re over here, you’ve got your business here, and you’re starting at the bottom, and you want to start getting to the top of Google here.

So what you’re going to do is you’re going to build out your website right here. That’s your website. And so that’s going to push you a little bit higher up the Google mountain here. And then you’ve got your Google My Business page, where you get the postcard sent out and you get your Google account. You’re all set up. So Google’s going to push you a little bit higher. Now you’re starting to make some progress. And then you get all your powerful online directory set up, like you get your Yelp business set up. Then you get your Facebook business set up. Google sees those, like oh, he’s a more legit business. Then you start getting some Google reviews. You’re getting online reviews. And pretty soon, you start climbing up and you get to this point where you’re not right fully to the top, and you’ve got your foundational stuff set up. This is all the foundational stuff we’re talking about here.

So now, you’ve got to right here and you just need an extra push to get to the top of Google right here. You want to get up to the top of Google, where you get all the phone calls. You start dominating your cities and the surrounding areas, and everything’s just clicking. This is where everybody wants to be in the service industry. All right, so how do we get up there? Well, that’s where the backlinks come in. When you start getting backlinks from other websites, like I showed you, pointing over to your website, that’s when you put those turbo boosters on. That’s what’s going to skyrocket you up here.