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by    SEO   Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

We live in the digital age. If you own a business today, that means that having a great-looking and functional website is just as important as the upkeep of your physical location. Whether you have worked on your website yourself or hired someone to do it, you want it to represent your best. If your current website does not include a regularly updated blog, you’re missing out on a crucial way to grow your brand and increase your search engine rankings. TBA Marketing is here to explain why blogging is an important piece of your content marketing & SEO Strategy.

Adding A Blog Helps Your Website Appear More Prominently In Relevant Online Searches.

If your SEO Strategy is done well, your website will appear higher up in future searches. Outside of Paid Ads, no service or software can guarantee you first-page rankings on Google. But, you can utilize proven tips and tactics to improve your SEO. One of them is adding a blog to your website. By adding articles that are well-written and have content relevant to your products and services, you’re adding yet another way for search engines and users alike to find you. In fact, according to research compiled by Tech Client, your chance of being highly ranked on search engines is 434 percent higher if your business website includes a blog. Hubspot, meanwhile, compiled data that found that businesses that use an online blog as part of their marketing strategy see up to a 67 percent increase in leads. 

How Does Blogging Make Such A Big Difference In Search Engine Rankings? 

People have questions about a problem they’re having. Typically they will turn to Google, or in this day and age – ask Siri or Alexa! While video results are becoming increasingly popular, blog articles still remain one of the most common result to communicate an informative, long-form answer to the questions being asked. Additionally, a long-form written piece tends to carry more “authority” in the minds of consumers, rather than a quick video…. especially if they are looking to expand their knowledge about a broad concept or topic. 


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