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by    Backlinks Services   Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

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I’m going to keep this one short and do a guide on it in another video sometime. I’m ranking my videos by using high PA/DA web 2.0 websites. For more check

When ranking these websites I don’t have time to spend building ridiculous amounts of backlinks. If I need to do this I pay some to do it for me and usually just buy the cheap stuff. It works well. If I;m going to do any SEO or search engine optimisation myself I just buy website with links already going to them. These links have great authority. Just drop a link on them and away you go.

Building backlinks doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. As long as you have authorty links coming in you will start to rank. Don;t pay for over priced SEO for ranking in Google from search engine optimization companies. It’s a waste on money. Anything over $500 a month I would stay away from.

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