How one can setup fb pixel for woocommerce | Superior one website positioning | Full Bangla tutorial

by    SEO   Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

How to setup facebook pixel for woocommerce | Advanced one seo | Complete Bangla tutorial

How to install or set up Facebook pixel for your website – Complete Bangla tutorial
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What is a Facebook pixel?
Facebook pixel is a javascript code that helps you to analyze your Facebook ad’s performance. Facebook provides you the code and you have to insert the code inside your website heading tags.

How does it work?
You have to create a Facebook pixel inside your Facebook ads manager. Then put the code on your website head tags. Once you have installed the code they will start collecting the data from your website.

The benefit of Pixel:
1. It helps you to create a custom audience
2. Helps you to create Facebook events
3. Helps you to Remarket your product and services