How To Add Inside hyperlinks in WordPress like a Ninja – website positioning Technique

by    SEO   Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

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Hey Guys,
Welcome to another video episode of ShoutMeLoud. In this video, I’m sharing an SEO strategy that is being used by ShoutMeLoud for the last 10+ years and something Wikipedia and all other big websites are using.

The strategy name is “Internal link SEO” and in this, you pass on the link juice from one article to another.

This also helps in reducing the bounce rate.

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In this video you will learn:

🚀What is Linkwhisper WordPress Plugin
👍🏻How to setup Linkwhisper plugin
🔥How to use Linkwhisper plugin
🎉How to add Internal links in WordPress

Do let me know if you have any questions regarding internal links and Linkwhisper plugin.

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