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by    Backlinks Services   Friday, January 31st, 2020

Today I’m promoting a course put together by a couple of colleagues on how to build a PBN (Private Blog Network). These are sites that you manage and use to send traffic and backlinks to your main site(s). The course teaches you how to find potential sites to add to your network, what kind of metrics they should have, how to create the sites, how to manage the network, and an over-the-should live video of a PBN being created.

Information about how you can sign up for the course can be found here:

Learn how to build backlinks in this SEO tutorial on how to get backlinks! Also works for Weebly SEO since it’s most of the off page SEO tasks that we do… If you’re asking yourself: what is a PBN? How does PBN SEO work? Should I build my own PBN links or, if not, where to buy PBN links? These are all great questions. Questions answered by this video, as well as the PBN SEO course which I recommend that you purchase.

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