How To Construct Backlinks For Your Affiliate Websites

by    Backlinks Services   Monday, September 25th, 2017

Here’s a video to help people build backlinks to their new websites.
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In this video I show you how to build backlinks for your affiliate sites and what I do for my own niche sites.

1. Create good quality content for your own site
2. Create social profiles on social media sites.
3. Find niche related forums and contribute – then ask questions with your link.
4. Comment and interact on other blogs related to your niche. DON’T SPAM!!
5. Make mini websites on Web 2.0 properties and link back to your site. Remember to add quality content – create assets!
6. Create videos or share videos on video sharing sites. You can add your link in there.
7. Infographics are still hot – design or hire someone to design an infographic and then upload it to a bunch of image sharing sites.
8. Write press releases and submit them to PR sites. Make them GOOD!
9. Guest posts – you can contact other website owners and ask to do a guest post or ask if they can publish your content in exchange for a link to your website/page.
10. PBN links – Private Blog Network. If new, I do not recommend building these yet.

^ More importantly – target easy to rank for keywords that will bring in targeted traffic. Make your content shareable and long that adds value to the web- answer peoples questions in detail.

Here’s an article on long tail keywords –

Here’s an article on web 2 properties –

Do all this and I’m sure you will see improved rankings with your site.

Another video on how I rank my affiliate sites –

Blog commenting for SEO and traffic –

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Download the cheat sheet and have an awesome day!