How To Construct search engine optimization Site visitors To a Native Web site (Straightforward Step by Step System)

by    SEO   Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

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01:00 Offering SEO Audit to a Client
You can get a template at
Go to “Resources” and click “Free SEO Template.
Providing Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 Audit and giving them guides for them to implement and improve for their website.

01:40 Phase 1 SEO Audit
Doing basic analysis such as:
Check if the client has a google analytics set-up.
Check if the client has a google console.
Using tools such as screaming frog and ahrefs.
Looking for simple issues such as:
Site redirects to the preferred version.
Is SSL certificate installed?
Is page speed faster than 2 seconds?
And also other section and mark them off.

02:04 Phase 2
Benchmark their current analytics data and see how they are performing for each of their keywords.
Data such as:
How many clicks the keyword has
CTR (click-through rates)
Average impressions
Average position
Keyword difficulty
Cost per click
Internal duplicate content scan
Bounce rates
Conversion rates
In link counts

02:54 Phase 3
Keyword Research
Come up with a content plan on what we are targetting.

03:09 Phase 4
Look at client social media

03:15 Screaming Frog
An application to get all the data needed in Phase 2.

03:24 Free SEO Audit Template
You can fill the sheets with the data you gathered.

03:30 Paid SEO Audit Template
Priced at $297
You can get actual video tutorial sections for each of the phases.

03:57 SEO Promo Bundle
All the templates I have with the corresponding video tutorial for about $697.

04:33 Secrets on Winning Clients
Giving away value.
Doing Phase 1 Audit for free.
Sell the Audit.
Initial round implementation.

09:37 Data Monitoring
Looking at google analytics,, every month and see what is going on the website
Go to “Property” then “Site Content” and click “Loading Pages”.
Compare the data over the previous month by whether going up or down.

11:03 Treating Clients Website
You need to treat clients’ websites just like you wanna treat one of your own businesses.
Imagine that you are trying to rank your client business on google but it is your business and you are going to sort things out those leads.