How To Create A YouTube Interactive Transcript And Enhance Your Rankings

by    SEO   Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

How To Create A YouTube Interactive Transcript And Improve Your Rankings

Google ranks content based on the keywords found in text. Since YouTube videos don’t contain text upload a transcript of your video content so Google can index and rank it accordingly.

The benefits of creating closed captions for your videos include:

* Helping the hearing impaired enjoy your video.
* Help non-English viewers to read the transcript while watching your video
* Improve your Google rankings

Let’s look at the steps for creating an interactive transcript for your YouTube video

First we’ve got to save the content of your video in a textedit file for the Mac or notepad in Windows.

After you’ve saved the textedit file go to YouTube your video manager click on the captions and add a new track.

You can upload a video transcript or you can type your video content into the box provided. In this case we are going to upload a transcript.

Select choose then click sync.

Now if we play the video we’ll see that the captions display under the video. Each line represents the content that is within the video.

And that’s it.

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