How To Create Content material That Ranks Excessive In Search Engines – SPPC website positioning Tutorial #8

by    SEO   Saturday, February 15th, 2020

If you are trying to rank higher in search engines, you need high-quality content based around the top keywords and the topics that your website will be covering. For example, if you want to rank for the keyword ‘SEO’ then you need a lot of content about Search Engine Optimization and you will need to cover the topic from top to bottom. Not only will you need a comprehensive SEO guide, but you will also need to create separate, supporting pages that enhance the content in your guide.

In this video, I go over 10 different factors to consider as you are creating content. You can find all 10 of them below in addition to some more resources about SEO and ranking. This is part 8 of my SEO Tutorial and the main topic is how to get to the topic of the Google search results with your website for popular keywords. I will at the very least show you how to improve your google search ranking and how to get on google first page for free along with other search engines. When you want to rank higher on search engine results pages, this is a great starting point.

Surfside PPC SEO Tutorial Playlist:

How To Create Content That Ranks High In Search Engines:

SPPC SEO Tutorial for Beginners Playlist:

How to Create Content That Ranks High:
1 – Understand what ranks
2 – Content word count
3 – Videos
4 – Images
5 – Links – Backlinks & Internal/External Links
6 – Supporting Keywords
7 – Supporting Content
8 – Answer Questions
9 – Content Engagement
10 – Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness

How do I write good content for my blog?

Answer questions, use your experience, use your expertise, consistently improve your content, spend time on your content, focus on content quality and design.

How do you rank first on Google?

You need to have a great website with user-friendly content that is comprehensive and complete. You need to target keywords with your content and also create resources that your website visitors will find informative and educational. You need to earn backlinks and social shares from other websites and companies in your industry.

How do you rank higher on Google?

Consistently create high-quality content around a topic and it’s subtopics. Keep that content up to date and earn backlinks from trusted sources. Conduct original research and use statistics to create share-worthy and link-worthy content.

How do I beat a SEO competitor?

Consistency, focus, time, and effort all spent on creating content around your top keywords and supporting keywords. In order to rank for short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords, you need to spend a lot of time creating and optimizing your blog posts, videos, images, infographics, media, and even podcasts.

Why is my competitor ranking higher?

Generally, it means that search engines are viewing your competitors content in a higher regard than yours. That means they think their content is more comprehensive, it may have more backlinks, it may be a longer piece of content with more information, it may have more social shares, the website may have a higher authority score, and the page is more relevant.

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