How To Create DOFollow Backlink From FACEBOOK

by    Backlinks Services   Thursday, February 9th, 2017

In This video you will learn how to get dofollow Backlink from Facebook. you can get keyword backlinks from Facebook.

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Step 1 : First of All Open This Link :

Step 2 : Make Sure You Login to Your Facebook Account OtherWise you need to login.

Step 3 : Click On — Add Static HTML To A Page

Now Your Redirect to your Facebook Page.

Step 4 : Select Your Facebook Page From Drop Down Menu

Step 5 : Click On — Add Page Tab

Step 6 : Click On — Set Up Tab

Step 7 : Copy Format From Here :

Step 8 : Then Click on — Save&Publish Tab

Step 9 : Done !

Before i will tell how to create dofollow keyword backlinks from Facebook. please take look benefits from
Facebook backlinks.

– Facebook is top most social site with google page rank 10 and domain authority 100.
– the more backlinks from Facebook mean your site get better rank.
– you will get contextual backlinks from Facebook. this is most important part to get better rank in google search engine.
– you will get do follow backlinks. this is most important part to get better rank in google search engine.
– Free of charge and you can create unlimited backlinks from Facebook.

to get backlinks from Facebook all you have to need is Facebook account and 1 Facebook page.

we need to create apps in our Facebook page to get dofollow backlink. don’t worry it’s easy to create.


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