How To Create Google Search Advertisements | Improve Web site Site visitors & Develop Your Enterprise with Google Search

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How To Create Google Search Advertisements | Improve Web site Site visitors & Develop Your Enterprise with Google Search


So in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to basically create your first search ad on Google Adwords.

As you might know that Google Ads is the platform from where you can make multiple type of ads that being searc campaigns, display campaigns, app install campaigns and even YouTube campaigns. But for this tutorial we’ll get started with search campaigns. Once you’ve created your account which is very simple to do. All you do is sign in with your regular gmail ID connect your card and you will land at this screen. Once you do, I’m under search campaigns and as you can see I don’t have any campaigns right now.

So there are a number of kind of campaigns you can create with Google Ads we’ll go over all of them one by one but we start with the search Network ad. But there’s also the display ads, the shopping ads, the video ads on YouTube and the app ads for the Play Store. But let’s get started with search ads. Basically the search ad will let you create ads on the Google search platform as well as their partner networks so first, you have to define a goal you have to select whether you want visits to your website or you want a checkout on your website, you want them call your business – in this case your ad is gonna have a phone number and will be searchable through smartphones and users can give you a call directly from your ad. So now let me just select visits on the website and the optional setting gives you the gives you an option to add the business address but let me just continue for now. You need to give your campaign a name. Let me just call it snapchat ads.

We will start by selecting the location. The language is English. The bidding strategy – there are different kinds of building strategies to maximize clicks, conversions, a target cost per acquisition things like that. I like to always first begin by manual CPC, and get a good amount of data into my campaigns before I start using CPAs or conversions. So let me just start with manual CPC. Enable enhanced CPC. Now what this means is that AdWords will automatically adjust your bids for maximum conversion. I’ll let that be active. You can start by entering a daily budget so I’ll keep it at a very minimal say hundred rupees per day. The delivery method standard or accelerated. Start and end dates – I have no end date set. We’ll get into sitelinks, call outs and call extensions later but for now I’m not adding all of this. There are more settings as well so you can add a lot of these things. You can schedule your ad for certain time of the day or certain days of the week. You can have rotational settings that means that if you have multiple ads you can decide how Google will give more preference to one ad over the other or do you want them to distribute all your ads evenly. You can add campaign URL options what this means is that you can add a template.

Now we need to create an ad group. What ad group in Google search basically means is that this is where you list down what are the keywords you want to be targeting and what is the amount you want to pay per click. So let me just give my ad group and name I’ll just call it ad group and I’ll set with a default bid of say two rupees CPC. Let me add some keywords – Broad match keywords, phrase match keywords, exact match keywords. Now you can also use this to get keyword ideas like if you enter your website’s name or a link to your website, Google will scan your website and come up with keywords that might help you. You can also enter a product or service like snapchat marketing. Now Google has given me some options of keywords and as well as the monthly searches around it so I can add keywords that makes sense for me and you can also see the monthly searches that are made for these. As you keep adding keywords you’ll see how much cost google estimates you will make and what is the average CPC so you can decide on a default default bid based on this. Save and continue the ad group.

The next step which is the last step as you can see is create ads so let me create an ad. This is how your ad is going to look like, you can add all the URLs here so let me get started. You can decide how the link here is going to be. So right now it’s by default I can add snapchat here. Give your ad a description as well. I’ve added the content. You can add custom parameters to the URL. Add a tracking template but I really don’t need this since I’ve already added my template. Here you can also use a different URL for mobile which I don’t need because my website is responsive. You can see how your ad looks on desktop and mobile. Save and continue. My campaign is live.