How To Decrease Your Ping In ANY GAME, Repair PACKET LOSS & INCREASE SPEEDS! - Community Optimization Information!

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How To Decrease Your Ping In ANY GAME, Repair PACKET LOSS & INCREASE SPEEDS! – Community Optimization Information!


How To Lower Your Ping In ANY GAME, Fix PACKET LOSS & INCREASE SPEEDS! – Network Optimization Guide!

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In this video I cover how to update your Ethernet network adapter driver and then I go over some important network settings and optimize them for best possible latency. I also mention why you should not rely on Windows Update to update your network drivers for you. This video will help with your network latency also known as ping and can also help fix packet-loss and can even improve your download and upload speeds!

Realtek Drivers:

Intel Drivers:

Killer Drivers:

Broadcom Drivers:

Other Drivers: If your adapter isn’t any of those then search google for your adapter name till you find the drivers, Worst case scenario if you still can’t find the drivers download CPU-Z from this link and open it then go to Main-board tab and beside model you are going to see your motherboard name, Search that up on google and type *DRIVERS* beside it and then click the official link (it should be obvious which is the official link) and then download the Ethernet drivers from there.

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00:00 Intro
00:41 Disable Automatic Driver Updates.
03:44 Identify Your Network Adapter.
04:42 Realtek Drivers.
05:57 Intel Drivers.
07:19 Killer Drivers.
07:46 Broadcom Drivers.
08:05 Optimizing Network Adapter Settings (IMPORTANT)
10:25 Thanks for watching ❤️