How To Enhance Google My Enterprise Critiques – MY 7 TIPS

by    SEO   Monday, November 16th, 2020

Do you want to know how to increase your Google My Business reviews? Find out where they are and why they are so important for today’s business? I also reveal my top 7 ways to get more Google My Business reviews with a 5 star. Of course, if you want to delete a fake review or bad review you will need this or add reviews everywhere with

0:00 Introduction to Google My Business Reviews
1:02 important overview of reviews and Google
8:04 Where to find the Google My Business Review link
9:14 Tip 1. Reviews on your business card
10:30 Tip 2. Get and Show Google Business Marketing kit
11:41 Tip 3.Just ask for a favour from customers
13:06 Tip 4. Can ask for a review directly from previous customers
13:50 Tip 5. Add ability to review on email signatures
14:22 Tip 6 Get more reviews by sharing the link to other social networks like LinkedIn
15:00 Tip 7 Add to footer invoices themselves
15:24 Bonus on Top Tip Get reviews that have the clear genuine commendation and include local info and photos where possible
Now head over to a simple way to delete bad reviews on

Google’s recent TV advert indicates they want you to give reviews.

Why are Google My Business reviews important?
When you’re looking for a new product, service or restaurant, do you trust online reviews? More than 90% of people do, according to a 2019 survey by the marketing firm BrightLocal. Even more—92%—are more likely to buy a certain product after reading an online review,

Although I look at 7 ways you can get more reviews Sometimes google my business reviews aren’t showing. Why?

Avoid too many reviews in a few days – it can filter some of those reviews so aim consistently over time or if they are all coming from the same IP address eg if you had a laptop on your reception desk – better on their phone. Never buy reviews or incentivise (pay for)

Where are the review links found and where should you put them?
On business card add short URL
Also, look on Zanet design main google SERPs says “get more reviews”

7 ways you can get more reviews today

1. On business card add short URL / QR code converter

2. Show Marketing kit/shop windows –

3.Just ask for a favour…show my email…do great things, wait for the customer to say they are pleased. Do free things and often they will ask if they can give a review

4. Can ask directly previous customers

5. Email signatures

6 Get more reviews by sharing link / shortened version on social media / LinkedIn or those that gave a review on other platforms

7 invoices themselves

Bonus on Top Tip Get reviews that have the clear genuine commendation and include local info and photos where possible

Always reply to your Google My Business Reviews
With Great Loyalty comes great referrals
More than half of consumers who have a good experience with a brand will recommend it to people that they know.

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