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by    SEO   Saturday, December 9th, 2017

If you’re a health professional serving patients affected by chronic disease, you already know that many patients have accepted their dis-ease as the new normal.

Many of them have seen plenty of practitioners without getting to the root cause of their issues, without getting a clear action plan on how to restore their health.

And that’s why they aren’t going on google looking for you.

So while the value of good search engine rankings is much bigger for providers dealing with acute conditions – think for example of chiropractors dealing with sciatica – you should certainly post and optimize your videos on youtube for maximum SEO.

The reason why is because Google owns YouTube, and google knows that people love video. 

And that’s why Google gives preference to a properly titled and keyword-optimized video, allowing it to rise much quicker in google result pages when compared to any other content on your website.

If you need help on how to optimize a video on youtube, click here to download our step-by-step guide, including ways to identify the right SEO keywords in your zip code.

How To Rank Your Practice High On Google (Optimizing Your Youtube Videos For SEO)
• Why Youtube videos are among the fastest ways to get your practice ranked on Google… and how health professionals should optimize their Youtube videos for local SEO
• How to identify which keywords to select (and which ones to avoid) to get your practice website ranked
• Why blogging is not a good strategy to get your practice website ranked… and how you can leverage youtube videos for your blog instead
• How our clients create amazing videos that keep the audience watching… and the secret formula that lets you replicate their approach
• The 4-step process to promote your Youtube video to local audiences… and how to turn viewers into email subscribers

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