How To Enhance The search engine optimization Rating Of Present Internet Pages With A Few Easy Tweaks

by    SEO   Saturday, March 28th, 2020

In this video, I cover a few simple tweaks you can do to existing web pages, in a few minutes, which could improve the ranking of your website substantially.

There are 4 key ingredients to this:

1. Choosing the right keywords to optimise your web pages for
2. Updating your Page title
3. Updating your URL
4. Updating your H1 heading In the example I have given, we spent 2h implementing those tweaks and within 20 days we now rank on page 1 for over 10 new phrases.

Some of those have over 100 monthly searches, which means our traffic has gone up as a result as well.

See for yourself and test this on one of your web pages and see what happens. Want to learn more?

Here is a link to one of our blog articles, listing the top 11 FAQs on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Estate Agents

Also, watch this video to find out how to identify the best keywords to use in existing web pages:

…and this video to learn how to plan what marketing assets to create based on the intent and context of your clients’ searches


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