How To Enhance Web site Rating

by    SEO   Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

So here’s a quick recap on how to boost website ranking by optimizing your images and your YouTube videos

Optimizing your images

You want to have descriptive file names for all your images. Doing this gives the search engines more information about that image For example if you have an image and the file name is IMG-pd.png. And it’s a picture of a puppy dog. That file name is not descriptive at all

To change to a descriptive file name simply resave the image with the new file name. Since this is an image of a puppy you can change the file name to puppydog.png.

Compress Your Images

You want to be sure you have the smallest image files as possible because big images slow down your websites loading time. Also load speed is one of the ranking factors used by the search engines

You can compress your images using free services like tiny PNG and you can bulk compress all the current images on your site using plugins like Short Pixel Image Optimizer

Upload Your Image

Search engines can’t technically see images and this is where a description of the image is placed in the Alt Tag section. Plus your alt tag text will also appear with an image search.

As for adding a caption or a description this is optional.

Optimizing YouTube Videos

Just like your image file you want to have the proper video file name. The best file name you can have is the file name of your keyword phrase. So if your keyword is Best Pie Recipes, then that’s the name you use for your video file.

Uploading your video

Upload your video to your YouTube channel in the private mode. This way you can get everything in place before sharing it.


Your title will be the same name as your file name. Now you see why you named your file the same as your keyword phrase.


YouTube uses this information in your description to understand what your video is about so it can index your video properly
You want your description to be long not short. YouTube gives you up to 5000 charters, so use them. I simply place the script for my video in my description area.


Tags are used by YouTube for indexing so when someone does a search your video can come up in the search results

Custom Thumbnail

This is the image that is shown in the search results. You want to create your own thumbnail. And the reason is, this gives you the opportunity to grab people’s attention and have them watch your video.


it’s time to embed the video onto your site But before you do you want to turn off the “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” option. And you want to do this because you want to keep people on your site.

Copy the embed code and place it on the page or post you want to place your video. Make sure your editor is in text mode

Site Maps

Include an image and video site map so the search engines can index your image and video content.


Taking a little extra time to optimize your images and videos will give yourself that extra SEO boost that many other website won’t have

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