How To Enhance Your Productiveness and Eradicate Browser Tab Insanity With Toby

by    SEO   Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

At any given moment, I would have 2-3 browser opens with 10-12 tabs a piece.  I just never wanted to lose that special website that I had found, or I wanted something open and logged in should I need it.  That was until I found Toby a year ago.

Toby makes it easy to save a group of tabs and organize them so that you can bring them all back with a single click.  The only bad thing, it’s a Google Chrome extension, but it does work on Opera too so that is one bright spot.

In this video, we do a quick on-boarding with Toby and walk through some of the features.  This is a short video, but Toby is a drop dead simple product that may help you get out of browser tab madness and be more productive.

Check it out and leave us a comment on what you think about this video and Toby.

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