How To Enhance Your search engine optimisation with Questions and Solutions

by    SEO   Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

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Hey guys, Joe Burnich, here with What we do is we empower small businesses to take it to the next level by simplifying all this internet marketing stuff. In this video we are going to talk about the Google My Business Questions and Answers feature, how you can use that, how it can help your business, and I’m going to give you a little example with my account and show you exactly how I’m going to set it up. Let’s get started with that right now.

Okay, here we are at Google, and before I jump into this I just want to say we just got back from an SEO conference, the big SEO conference for local businesses. It was out in Denver. It was a lot of fun. One of the big takeaways was that you need to start taking advantage of all these little Google My Business tools that they’re introducing. Number one, it helps your clients. Number two, it also shows Google that you’re an active business in your community. It builds up that trust factor. It’s just one more thing that can contribute to you ranking higher in the search engines and getting more calls, more business, more jobs, and having a better life.

This is just one small thing, but it’s something that you need to pay attention to and it’s something you can knock out fairly quickly and easily. Watch what I do here. I’m on Google and I am going to just type in my business name. Let’s go to Big West Marketing, search for that. Okay, we did a search for Big West Marketing and it shows my little Google My Business panel, this little section that shows all the information about my business.

Now, if I scroll down here, I’m going to get to this little section, sometimes overlooked. Overlooked by a lot of people actually, but it’s called Questions and Answers. Okay? What people can do is they can get on here, ask a question, okay? And then you as the business owner can submit an answer. But what they were saying at this conference, which is pretty cool, is you as the business owner can ask a question and you can also answer it. Okay? And that shows Google that you are proactively answering common questions. It’s kind of like a free, you remember the frequently asked questions pages, the FAQ pages? This is Google’s version of that.

All we’re going to do is click on Ask a Question, and I got some premade questions and answers over here so you don’t have to watch me type and misspell words for the next 10 minutes. What I’m doing is, for example, let’s do this one. To set people’s mind at ease if they’re going to work with us on web design or search engine optimization or any of the services we offer. What if I’m unhappy with the work? We get that question a lot. What recourse do we have?

I am going to post that as a question, and then click. It says it was posted as a community. Now, I’m going to click done. Now when I scroll back down here and I see all the questions, then I will see, let’s see… Oh, right here at the top, sorry, I didn’t even see it. What if I’m unhappy with the work? I’m going to click on answer and then, I’m asking the question as Big West Marketing, the owner. I’m also going to answer the question as Big West Marketing, the owner. And let me copy in my answer here.