How To Enhance Your website positioning By Buffer Websites | Rob Inexperienced

by    SEO   Friday, December 21st, 2018

Rob J Green shares a “crash-course” on link building the huge changes to Google’s algorithm.

Rob covers some basics of on-page SEO and will speak at length about off-page SEO, including link building. The focus of this presentation will be to pull back the curtain and reveal what is really working to rank on Google and give you a solid foundation to move forward with your SEO efforts.

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In the full presentation you will discover:

• The basic on-page SEO factors you need to get right to rank… and, how to avoid an “over-optimization” penalty

• How to safely link to your site and why following old SEO best practices will literally guarantee your site gets penalized

• The real rules about “Anchor Text Diversity” – this is something almost everyone gets wrong and ignoring this will cripple your chances of ranking

Rob Green’s Bio:

Rob Green is a marketing consultant best known for being able to rank his clients sites on Google and other search engines for insanely competitive search queries in some of the most sought after and profitable industries. His client base includes everything from dentists and plastic surgeons to financial services companies and from e-commerce stores to pubs and restaurants. Rob is a lead generation specialist and his primary arsenal include search engine optimization (SEO), paid web traffic, video marketing and direct mail.




Access the full video at for free 👍

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