How To Examine Web site Alexa Rating

by    SEO   Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Alexa could only identify the traffic ranking for a web site if they realize the website traffic. They do this by collecting the information collected from their toolbar. This excludes web traffic received from visitors that do not use their toolbar.

Informing Alexa Of All Website Visitors

I really wanted Alexa to learn about “ALL” site visitors my traffic exchange website was receiving, not simply website traffic from their toolbar individuals. I wanted them to understand not considering that I support them, but due to the fact that a lot of various other customers did. Users that were obviously uninformed of the traffic-ranking bias. I achieved this by mounting the Alexa web traffic ranking banner on each one of the web pages within my site.


If your web site has a reduced Alexa traffic rank, I hope the idea in this post will certainly help you to improve your ranking as well. The aid file on the Alexa site talks about the biased ranking. However, to the millions of individuals that base a point of view concerning a site using the Alexa traffic ranking, numbers talk louder than words. Your only various other option is to really hope that more Alexa toolbar users visit your web site.