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by    Backlinks Services   Saturday, July 15th, 2017

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Why Google Is GOOD For Your Business

Unlike the wannabes, Google really IS the front page of the internet.

It’s watching you.

It’s probably listening to you right now (quick, get the tinfoil hat on).

And it’s NOT going away. Because everyday millions of people run BILLIONS of searches looking for answers to their problems.

3.5 BILLION daily searches … that’s a MOUNTAIN of traffic.

And the websites that show up on the first page control it.

So how do these TOP RANKING sites get their traffic? They make friends with authority websites Google already knows, likes and trusts. Because:

Google is like the coolest kid in school. It’s tough to make friends with him or her using the direct approach.

Walking up to Google and saying “hey how about sending me traffic” is like walking up to the cool kid and asking to hang out. Probably not going to get the result you want.

Good chance of a slap, and getting blacklisted from the friend’s list.

The smart wayis to play nice with Google’s best friend. Get in good with them, and you have a much better chance of making friends with Google …

And getting all the traffic you’ll ever need.

Just One Backlink From WikiPedia Can Mean Insane Amounts Of Google Traffic

Whoa now, what’s all this “backlink” business you’re talking about, Matt?

It’s quite simple. A “backlink” is just a link from one web page to another site. And the more of these beauties you have pointing to YOUR sites & offers, the more traffic you get.

But obviously, not all backlinks are created equal.

Unless your backlinks are related to your site content, they’re next to useless.

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