How To Have A Higher Rating In Google/Rank Web site #1

by    SEO   Thursday, February 27th, 2020

In this topic we will learn how this Google rank Web site and what we can do in order to get our business rank possibly on the first page of Google.So there are a lot of factors that will determine Google ranking first one keywords Google search algorithm

relies a lot on keywords.These are the words and phrases people use when they are looking for information.So they are also the words and phrases that describe that topic.Your site or your business is about.For example if a niche is talking about high foot and you have a video an article that fit the search

to how to cook fish in paste out you have a very high chance of ranking on the first page of Google.There are a few types of keywords.The first one get an answer to a question keywords.So for example how to cook curry fish with these keywords.The intention of the searchers is to get an answer to his or her question.This person has no buying intention.This is one of the articles that post up on one of my blog dropship and then meet dot com.This is a typical answer to a question post I have posted an article on how to sell e-book and Kindle Amazon Video on the second one get information before making a purchase.
For example I for the seven and why wait can we will if these key terms the situation is looking for comparison.This person has high by intention as you can see over here.This is another website there run by myself.
Psycho I mean dot com.In this article and talking about the top five marketing psychology courses online so you can write an article to review compare other people product as well to attract traffic to your website or to a business and to boost your Google ranking make up or chase search terms such as where to buy iPhone
7.This person is ready to buy.
So for example this is one of the articles from psycho to me it is all about buying a first aircraft so people that read this article is someone that is ready or has a very high intention on buying an aircraft.
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