How To Increase Your search engine marketing with Images

by    SEO   Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

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Hey guys, Joe Burnich with and we’re here to help small businesses take it to the next level by simplifying all this internet marketing stuff. In this video I want to talk about how to boost your SEO using photos, using images, using your cell phone to take pictures and boost your SEO rankings. Let’s get started with that right now.

Okay, so there’s three things to keep in mind when you’re taking photos and you’re going to upload them to your Google my business account. Okay? Number one, Google wants to see work being done, okay? So they just want to see some work being done. Number two, they want to see actual people, human beings, in those pictures doing that work. And then number three, they want to see some sort of logos on the picture, whether it’s a hat, whether it’s a shirt, whether it’s a wrap on the van in the background, they want to see logos in there. What you’re doing is you’re building trust with Google. You’re showing Google that you are the real deal. You’re not just taking… Because anybody can grab a picture of a carpet cleaning wand going across a carpet and say, “That’s mine. I did that.” But if you can show a picture of a person in there with a shirt, with a logo on it, then that can’t be disputed, okay? And people aren’t going to be taking that picture and sharing it around the internet. It just builds this trust factor that’s so damn important when it comes to ranking and building your SEO on Google.

So, what I want to do is I want to show you three examples, two examples of people that have done it right, and one example of a person that could do it better. Okay, so let’s jump over to my screen here. Okay, so we have renovation pros out of California. Let’s click on… They’re a renovation company, so they’re going to have pictures of people doing renovations. This picture, this first picture is absolutely awesome. It shows an actual human being doing the work with a logo on the shirt. Google can actually detect that logo on photos and decide this is the real deal, matches up with the logo that’s on the website and it just helps with SEO. It helps boost it.

Now, when I say boost, it’s not the only thing that you do to rank your business on Google. It’s just one of many things that you do. I have lots of other videos on all the other little things you can do. This one of those small factors that can help, okay? And then you scroll down and they’ve got pictures of some renovation jobs. They’ve got a picture of their store front with their logo on the door. Huge. Very, very important, okay? They’ve got, let’s see. Let’s scroll down and see. Okay, so that’s Renovation Pros. I want to show you a locksmith that we’ve worked with here, and Asaf’s locksmith and he’s in the Baltimore area. Let’s click and look at his photos.