How To Make Your search engine optimisation 10x Extra Efficient | Ep. #838

by    SEO   Friday, November 16th, 2018
In episode #838, we discuss ways to make your SEO 10x more effective. Tune in to hear the
one thing you may not be doing.
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In this video we’ll explore how to make seo work, and which seo strategy to use to increase conversions.

[00:27] Today’s Topic: How To Make Your SEO 10x More Effective
[00:48] Conversion rate optimization is the thing to do.
[01:35] It’s the one thing in marketing that, while unpopular, is the most effective.
[02:40] Conversion XL is a great blog for ideas and inspiration.
[02:46] Conversion-Rate-Experts is another great resource.
[02:57] Quicksprout is a third resource to check out.
[03:08] If you are looking for a paid solution, look at Visual Website Optimizer.
[04:00] Quantitative data will be helpful in determining where you lose people.
[04:20] Using SurveyMonkey, you can get feedback you wouldn’t get from data.
[05:35] You’re going to have to run a ton of tests to get statistical significance.
[06:15] If you don’t have a ton of traffic and you’re in the B2B space, you may not want to
optimize for sales, but rather for leads.
[06:46] That’s all for today!
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