How To Rank #1 On Google PROVEN For Auto Physique Outlets [Get More Customers]

by    SEO   Monday, September 30th, 2019

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The concept of driving traffic to your website from Google used to be simple, create a good website and get your tags right and then BOOM! A bunch of new visitors come flooding to your website looking for your service. In the new generation of SEO marketing, things have changed in how search engines interpret data and deliver these results. For our clients, they rely on the Develomark team to ensure we’re up to date with these changes and we’re confident that they can count on us. So what should an auto body shop focus on when it comes to local SEO marketing? We’re going to cover that in todays article where we highlight our client Ray’s Auto Inc and how they’ve optimized for better SEO rankings.

Search engine optimization can be confusing at times, we hear from multiple sources what works and what doesn’t work based on different experiences in the field. In reality, there are a few key metrics any auto body shop or search marketer should be looking at. To break it down onto a list, here are the metrics our agency Develomark used for Ray’s Auto Inc’s campaign to ensure they got first place rankings across the board:

Customer engaging website design and user experience
Conversion rate optimization, setting a foundation for customers to contact them
Local SEO, being the recommended result for a local search in your area

Your website is your biggest asset online for your auto body shop, you own it. Meaning you control what is said on your website, where the traffic goes, and the SEO results for your website. Other popular directory websites such as Yelp control what customers see from your business leaving you out of total control. Ideally, you want to make an investment in your website to ensure you’re giving your visitors the content that they want to see from a shop. Primarily, you would want to make sure your automotive body shop website includes:

A good design, choosing the right colors and branding to give a professional feel
A great user experience, can customers navigate on your website without a problem?
A mobile experience, how does your website appear on mobile devices? Over 5 billion people are said to now have access to mobile devices so make sure you have the design to accommodate.
Clear information on where your shop is located, a good rule of thumb is NAP which stands for name, address, and phone number. Clearly define on your website where your shop is located so customers can easily find you

Your ultimate goal with your website is to get customers who need auto body repair to contact you, right? Therefore as an auto body shop you need to focus on conversion rate optimization. CRO is simply the practice of adding additional ways for your customers to contact you on your website. The most common forms of CRO are the following:

Contact forms, forms on your website where customers can enter in their details
Click to calls, this option gives mobile users the ability to click a button and call you
Pop ups, a pop up widget often offering an offer when customers land on your website
Chat widget, one of our favorites here at Develomark which lets customers engage in a chat widget with you real time and express their problems
Adding these throughout your auto body website will allow your customers that come in through search or paid traffic to contact you. Not having these options will result in a confused visitor ultimately lowering your website contacts and increasing your cost per lead as you are wasting website visitors driving up your ad costs.

Google’s search engine is primarily focused on proximity, local business consistency, reviews, and optimization. When working on the local SEO for your auto body shop, consider investing your efforts in the following optimizations:

NAP consistency: name, address, and phone numbers. These core business data information should be spread out on the internet the same way it reflects your website. In doing so, your name should be the same on your website and on popular directory websites should as Yelp. A small mismatch could lower your map rankings for local SEO decreasing the amount of customers contacts you will receive through your website.

Reviews: is your shop asking for reviews? Creating a review generation culture can set your shop apart in your local marketplace. 78% of customers searching online have said that online reviews were critical to them making a purchasing decision, the same is with your auto body shop.

Website optimizations: are your pages written with the correct SEO tags and optimizations? Using the title tags, meta tags, heading tags and keywords are critical for your auto body shop to appear on the first page of Google. Because of this, you should understand the various auto body keywords you should target.

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