How To Rank Photographs In Google

by    SEO   Thursday, December 19th, 2013

How to rank images in Google search engine explains how to achieve first page Google ranking results for HTML images shows how to implement image optimization.

This video tutorial shows step by step procedures for achieving first position rankings for HTML images. It talks about website folder structure and the importance of using keywords, how to name images and provide additional information using alt attributes and image titles as suggested by Google image publishing guidelines

Ranking in Google image search is easy when you follow these step by step instructions within this video tutorial. Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop options for creating Photo Metadata for image rankings

Google does in fact preserve and correctly display metadata, and if Google technology can do that, then unknown to many search engine optimisation gurus who fail to understand and learn how Google rankings actually work should visit this website:

You can think of metadata as a digital fingerprint for your image files, and there are different software’s which allow you to create and also edit metadata information and tags. Google is a search engine that works digitally, and this search engine amongst others does in fact rely on many different factors/signal for calculating the relevance of images search per user search query. That is why it is critical to use metadata for providing additional information for your digital files such as your HTML images. You can visit Wikipedia to learn more about different EXIF editing tools:

You can also watch Peter Linsley’s (product manager at Google image search) presentation on Google Image Search (originally delivered at SMX West in February, 2009)

Learn how to rank in image search easily with this video tutorial that will allow you to see your images at number 1 position in Google SERP. Whether it is when Google automatically shows images in Google web search, or whether you want to see the images of your products and services in Google image search results you as a webmaster must follow Google webmaster guidelines. That is why this video tutorial will teach you how to rank images in Google search engine and do so according to the Google webmaster guidelines.

You can also watch” How to Name Your Images for SEO video tutorial” to learn more about HTML images and image alt attributes here:

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