How To Rank Your search engine marketing Firm | Reside Audit For search engine marketing Firm in Vegas

by    SEO   Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Today we go over ranking a local SEO company!

Here’s what we found:

1. I’d suggest no phone numbers in titles or metas
2. H1 on home page
3. Homepage should include hyper specific data about vegas
4. Implement SSL
5. Consider WP Engine
6. Image compression (Smusher plugin)
7. Article markup needs to be taken out from home page
8. Take uncategorized Schema errors
9. Take out orginization markup
10. Finish local professional service markup
11. Change OG data for home page (WPSSO Pro)
12. Online and offline conversion tracking
13. Consider looking into blog layout and use main theme instead of different wordpress install
14. Noindex author,
15. 5-10 categories (broad)
16. Noindex tags
17. Noindex pages like and Spend some time going through indexed pages on Google with the site: and see what’s being indexed and noindex thin content / low value pages.
19. Go through Yoast and optimize settings
20. Markup main pages with Schema (about, contact, services, reviews, etc.)
21. I would use schema plugin for basics (I use Json-ld plugin (it has a mustache as the picture))
22. Work on topical seeding for main pages
23. Focus on internal linking (link silo’s for main pages) (2-3 internal links (one is to the home page) per 1000 words and 1-2 external)
24. Fix 301 redirects and 404’s (I use broken link checker plugin)
25. Fill out missing meta descriptions on main pages
26. Fill out missing H1’s for main pages
27. Fix response times on main pages that are above 6 second load times
28. Add missing alt text to images
29. Fix URL’s that have -2 at the end of them like:
30. Build out citations through
31. Fix Moz inconsitent listings:
32. I would take extra categories (links out from footer)
33. Turn off huge previews for blog post I only do first 55-60 words
34. $10 buffer subscription for social signals
35. Start generating reviews:
36. We need to put controllable assets in place (Email newsletter, Facebook group, Youtube channel)
37. Start building top 10 lists for area around keyword
38. Might want to consider what PPC options (check out CPC’s with keyword planner)
39. Might want to consider pushing paid to free content in the beginning
40. Setup content upgrade where you can grab emails (funnel Facebook to group)
41. Consider text to sign up for funnel
42. Consider getting click funnels page setup
43. Consider you can book me for paid calander

Top 10 For Month 1

1. Fixing basic on page, h1’s, seeding for main title tags, missing meta descriptions, etc.
2. Start working on internal and external linking.
3. Add hyper specific data (for location or service to main pages)
4. Start optimizing NAP consistency with Moz (and build out citations with citation builder pro)
5. Start building out your controllable assets and get basic funnels setup (content upgrade, txt to sign up, click funnels, etc)
6. Get rid of thin content pages and optimizing Yoast plugin to noindex certatin things like author pages
7. Online and offline conversion tracking and rank tracking
8. Start to try to generate 5-10 reviews a week.
9. Start stream lining content creation (top 10 lists for area + keyword, getting on podcasts or interviews, repurposing content on video or audio)
10. Look at seperate install for and see if you can migrate to main blog

SEO Tools:

Rank Tracker (I use SEO Profiler)
Call Tracking Metrics (for phone calls)
Awesome hosting with SSL (WP Engine)
Content upgrades and click funnels (Thrive Leads and Click Funnels)
WPSSO for OG Data (WPSSO plugin)
Keyword tool (KWFinder $67 and Keyword Planner)
Moz Bar (Free)
Screaming frog to do audits (free)
Pitchbox for email marketing

Any additional tools:

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