How To RANK YouTube Movies on FIRST Web page of GOOGLE in minutes

by    SEO   Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

If you are not seeing your YouTube video appear in Google results, follow these 5 easy steps to rank YouTube videos on the first page of google fast.

how to rank YouTube videos on first page of google. Here are the steps to follow.
STEP 1 : Find keywords that specifically show videos in the google results
Search queries that generate video results on Google SERPs and have a decent search volume – by optimizing for these keywords, you can easily rank YouTube videos on google.

STEP 2 : Use that keyword in the video title, video description & in video tags

This is a good way on how to rank YouTube videos on google and YouTube both search engines.

STEP 3 : Create an eye catching thumbnail- Increase CTR
Watch this previous video on how to test your YouTube video thumbnails and see which thumbnail is clicked by viewers.

Also how to create good thumbnails easily

If more people are clicking on your thumbnail over others then you can rank YouTube videos on google fast.

STEP 4 : Transcribe your YouTube video

STEP 5 : Write a blog post and embed your YouTube video
If you are wondering how to rank my YouTube videos on google then follow this last step as well.

now you know how to make your YouTube video appear in google search. I hope my following these steps you can rank YouTube video on first page of google in minutes.