How To website positioning Pictures For Ebay And Enhance Natural Visitors Visits

by    SEO   Monday, April 3rd, 2017

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SEO Your Images for selling on eBay Amazon and other selling plat forms.

The Key here is the key words for your title.
Once you have your key words for your title by researching ebay Title optimizer, Google Key word planner or maybe Merchant Words you now have the name for your image.

Keep everything congruent.

First Line in Description area

It all stays the same to keep the search engines like ebay’s Cassanni, Goolge. Yahoo and Bing happy knowing they are connected!

Keywords in your image name need to be hyphenated-so-the-search-engine-knows-what-it-is-looking-at.

Titles and first line of description area do not need to be hyphenated.

Happy Selling!