How you can Drive to extend & Get extra visitors to your web site or weblog bangla tutorial

by    SEO   Monday, March 18th, 2019

Gather traffics to your website
Website traffic is one of the vital parts of online business or website today we will discuss how to drive traffic to your website.
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If you are interested to start an ecommerce business or any other online business you need to make website fist. After making website your first job is gather traffics to your website and drive traffic to website. There are many ways to get more traffic in your website or increase the amount of relevant visitor for your products and service. Bellow we are providing some importance tips how to get traffic to your website.
Choose the right peoples:
• Find the targeted audience for your products or business and Select the right audiences get more traffic.
• collect qualified verified leads
• “lead collection is always a key of digital marketing. Don’t focus on quantity, focus on quality”
• select the right audience who could be converted and only let them encourage.”
finding the right audiences:
• Indentify your targeted audiences and where is your targeted audiences.
• Which platforms are they staying or spending more time of the day.
• social media, the best way to conversions
• (according web info once had 5x social traffics than search)
• even now buzzfeed has 28%+ social traffics
how you can drive social traffics
• using attention grabbing visuals with example
• its 40x more likely shareable than any other types of content src:hubspot
• use my post formulas
• page optimization to share posts on social sites (title, description)
• make a connection with optimized content and page’s content
• use yoast to your wordpress site. easy to use and optimized
promotion types of sharing contents on socal media
• landing pages
• blog posts
• product
• etc…
building social publicity:
• online communities – example
influencers –
partnerships –
facebook ads
low-risk way to drive targeted trafics to your site
lookalike audiences
guest blogging:
best way to build awareness and traffic
post on others and drive traffics
content syndication:
best way to build awareness and traffic
republish content on medium, linkedin, slideshare
the target content marketing mix is 65% created, 25% curated and 10%
syndicated content
hosting an event
twitter chat
in-person events

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