How you can Rank Larger in Google Writing Higher Content material

by    SEO   Saturday, August 17th, 2019

In today’s video will discuss how to rank higher in Google by writing better content.

If you’re not familiar with SEO it’s the practice of search engine optimization. It’s the act of providing search engines like Google the best signaling factors to rank higher and generate more traffic.

If you want to make money online than having a capable wordpress website which ranks high in Google is absolutely key. Today I’ll share how you can rank higher by better optimizing your content.

First you need to understand, your content shouldn’t be incredibly long. It’s actually dependent on how long your competitors content is. For example, if the top 10 search results are 2,000 words than your content should be 2,500 words or 3,000. Not 15,000!

So the length of your content is depends on your competitors websites. If you want to make money online and rank higher in Google you have to write better content than the rest so base your length off of the top 10 search results and not some crazy number.

After you’ve decided how long your content should be, the next step is to create sections in your review with images in each section. Make sure you use long tail keywords in the “Alt text”, this will help your search engine optimization and improve ranking on Google.

Keep in mind, I go much further into detail in the video so don’t just think by reading this description you’ve understood the process. Watch the video if you want better Google rankings, it takes work and knowledge my friend.

The last step is to include two youtube videos. The reason we do this is because it greatly helps with your seo google ranking. It’ll make it so that your web page looks more authoritative than your competitors because you actually have video format covering your niche.

Google owns YouTube so by promoting the videos with the most views for your keyword/niche you’re providing value to the readers and that makes Google want to display your website higher in the serps.

These seo tips are crucial for affiliate marketing beginners because writing quality content is an extremely important ranking factor. There’s over 200 different factors though so there’s a lot more which goes into it like backlinks which will further help boost your Google rankings.

If you’re wondering what is seo it’s a constant learning process. Google algorithm is a billion dollar secret code which we’re only barley understanding. However if you take this seo tutorial to heart you will see higher google rankings by writing better content.

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