How you can Totally web optimization Optimize any Web page out of your website, even when your website just isn’t on WordPress

by    SEO   Thursday, July 6th, 2017

How to Fully SEO Optimize any Page from your site – the Ultimate Collection You Can’t Miss Out On.

Awesome videos which show you search engine optimizations you can do from home.

Fully SEO Optimize any Page: how do you do that?

First: – you need an seo optimized article
Then: – seo optimized content
And finally: – seo website optimization

An SEO optimized article is the first thing you need (from one perspective, there are many more). You need words that cleverly form an article which is completely enjoyable to read by human readers, not just Robot crawler readers. (for robot crawler readers go here: )

Your SEO optimized article needs to have clear elements such as Introduction, Body, Conclusion. Your topic must be single-minded as I call it. Just one topic per article. DON’t ever go and write about more than one topic in one article.

SEO Optimized Content: wait? Isn’t my article the content? Nope, not 100%. Your content is a packaging of your article. Give it seo optimized images with alt text and seo optimize the filename for the image as well! Yes, it’s important!

Then, give it a Meta Title and a Description. Don’t be shy. Show it off on social media as much as you can by giving it images for Twitter Cards and Open Graph. Make sure you SEO optimize those images. I’ve shown in a previous Youtube Episode on that I increased ranking from 19 to 10 just by SEO optimizing the image filenames in the twitter cards and open graph sections.

With these two steps you really get a seo optimized blog post.

Of course, no real world seo optimization tips would ever be complete without the third element:

SEO Website Optimization. On here on youtube I kept showing you nice search optimizations you can make for WordPress. However, I will show you today how you can take any amazing seo structure to other NON-wordpress platforms.

This is the best part of the video. Please watch it and I hope you do enjoy this new episode from

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