I’ll construct website positioning backlinks by blogger outreach prime quality hyperlink constructing service

by    Backlinks Services   Monday, August 24th, 2020

*Honest and hard working SEO Specialist with 12+ years of successful experience in SEO*

To rank higher in Google, you need links pointing to your site.

These are 100% White-Hat backlinks naturally weaved into existing content on aged relevant pages or posts. From a performance point of view, because the content is aged over numerous months/years, I found that Google’s algorithm tends to give greater strength to the outbound link. Trust me, they can be even more effective than fresh guest posts.

How it works: I go out and find an existing blog post that is already indexed by Google and I reach out to the blog owner to get your link placed within the content and often edit the text to make sure it blends well. I’ll do my best to find topically related sites/posts, but I can’t guarantee that every site will be closely related to your niche!

IMPORTANT: The Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of the posts will vary, typically BOTH will range from 10 to 35.

Every link I acquire is from a 100% genuine and real website NOT from PBNs, networks, or guest posts dressed up as outreach.

Please contact me before you place your order! Thank you

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